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€75 per 60 minutes (VAT included)
€100 per 90 minutes (VAT included)
Or save with coaching packages

Currently completely remote (Skype / Google Meet)

How does coaching differ from teaching?

While teaching focuses on strengthening understanding and knowledge, coaching revolves around living in said language. Unless you’re solely learning a language for academic purposes, you’d likely want to be able to react in the language – in real-time, effortlessly.

With my knowledge of both the Germ
an language and culture, my language coaching focuses on enabling you to truly be you in the English language.


Why does Intercultural Communication matter?

Language is more than just words; it's a tapestry of culture, social norms, and unspoken rules that govern how we interact. As the business world becomes increasingly global, the ability to communicate effectively across cultures becomes crucial.

In addition to my English language coaching, my Intercultural Communication coaching aims to empower you to navigate complex, multi-cultural settings with confidence. 


project-based pricing

Translating various texts from German to English.

What’s important to me is helping you articulate exactly the message you want to express.

Maybe you have a vision that you can’t quite portray?

Let’s talk – I’ll help you put that image into words.


project-based pricing

Editing or proofreading (both American and British English).


Contact me about the challenge you're facing and we can discuss whether I'm the person to support you – past projects I've supported include book manuscripts, blogs, research publications, websites, and presentations.

My editing focuses on grammar, syntax, punctuation, diverse vocabulary, language consistency, and – of course – personality and tone.

editing & proofreading
language training
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